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Pomme Frite Restaurant Review: Owner Jean-Claude Constant has made this the place to drop in if you need a hit of the authentic French-Belgian bistro experience. There’s good people-watching from the little sidewalk patio or through the lace window curtains that might have come straight from Bruges. The food, coupled with a long list of Belgian beers, completes the sensation that you have somehow stumbled from the desert into a small town somewhere in France or Belgium and found a good local café. Constant is Belgian, and mussels are the main event, with a choice of seven different preparations. There is a value prix-fixe menu that changes regularly (and isn’t offered on Saturdays), and a satisfying range of à la carte items. For summer, Constant offers a changing roster of cold and fruit soups. If you choose the prix-fixe menu, he rotates his most popular desserts, and they are all equally good. Conversely, there is a baba au rhum on the regular menu that is worth a walk on the à la carte side.  


Impressive wine list and large assortment of Belgian beers.  

Desert Sun

Its authentic European ambiance will transport you to a café in Brussels.      

Desert Sun

One weekend, one restaurant. I love this romantic little Belgian nook, and I don’t even need to try the others. 
Two dinner means double the dishes, and I love every dish. It’s bistro-style with generous portions of both entrees and apps, and the prix-fixe is a steal. They have an impressive selection of Belgian beer that smells pretty good from where I’m sitting. The wine list looks like a winner as well – indulge if you can. 


A small dish of Mediterranean Olives is a starter that’ll carry you through a rich, meaty dinner. The olives are juicy and plump, and the acid keeps your palate sharp. 

The Escargot is a must, a plate of fresh, imported snails soaked in butter, butter, and butter. 

The French Onion Soup boils in a porcelain tureen, encased in a crust of gruyere so thick you need scissors. 

The salads hardly qualify as lighter fare. The Cesar Salad comes in sliceable whole leaves dipped in a creamy dressing, cheesy croutons, and a breath of citrus. You don’t have to love anchovies to appreciate them here. 

The Saturday night special, a tender half Duck a L’Orange, sweet in a syrup glaze, permeating a rich side of roasted veggies. Crunch into their namesake fries – you can’t just have one. 

All this would be better with beer or wine, and I still found a way to wine. No alcohol allowed, but the Mussels in white beer will get you some of the flavor with none of the content. 

One of few places where the desserts are on par with the mains. The Gateau of Belgian Chocolate is a rich, dark mousse in a river of nutty cream. 

I haven’t had a Floating Island in over a decade, and this decade is better because of this one. The meringues are impossibly fluffy and light. They melt in your mouth, sweet and fleeting. 
Sweet and fleeting, much like this Palm Springs weekend. I regret leaving Pomme Frite almost as much as I regret going back to real life. Hopefully it’s still here when I come back, otherwise it was one heck of a mirage. 


Superior cuisine, bistro ambiance and attention to detail


Out of this world mussels and Pommes Frites      


Pomme Frite shares the excitement of bright lights, sidewalk and street side traffic     

Desert Sun

This small and charming European-style restaurant nestled in the heart of downtown Palm Springs              

Desert Sun

I’ve had the beautiful opportunity to travel to France and Belgium a few times. And I have to say the food here is definitely at European standards! The blonde woman who was our waitress was extremely helpful and kind and she helped make our meal superb. The food was delicious and please order the French onion soup, it was perfection! I can’t wait to come back again!

Daniel Weller

I always visit Pomme Frite when I’m in Palm Springs! The food is Belgium, hearty and delicious. I started with a fish of olives and veggies while my husband had a fresh, chilled soup. I enjoyed an amount servicing of muscles in a wine and vegetable stock. My husband opted for juicy tenderloin, green beans and fried mashed potatoes. The waiter was friendly and attentive. They offered a prix fixe menu and affordable prices. Don’t miss out!

Sw Pitchford